Cozy and
atmospheric food in
South American style.

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100% Argentinian meat
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Argentijns vlees
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A cozy and atmospheric restaurant in South American style.

From Rai station, a 5-minute walk away, you will find our Buffalo Steakhouse.
We are specialized in preparing and serving the tastiest and best steaks. To achieve this, we get our meat from Argentina. The country where the best meat comes from, pure nature.

Here the cattle mainly live on the pampas; subtropical, natural grasslands in South America. The cattle live as naturally as possible and no growth hormones are used. They live here on different types of grass.
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Cozy restaurant
100% fair meat
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Large menu
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Steaks from Argentina
Shannon Lufcy
My husband and I really enjoyed the food here. We both had the salmon and thought it was delicious. Everything extra you need you pay for which we didnt know being from America but that wasn't a problem. The server was very patient and nice. We didn't see her much after the food came which didnt help when we wanted to leave but over all it was a very nice place to eat.
Christopher Wilkinson
What an experience, exceptional food, service and I could not ask for anything more. Portions were big and of very high quality. I ordered the rib eye steak, cooked to perfection and the corn was an absolute treat. Don't forget the special sour cream on the potato, I would highly recommend anyone to come to this place, no matter where you are staying, definitely worth it. Thank you so much for making my last meal so amazing. :)

Cozy and atmospheric food

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Onze Steaks

Sirloin steak
Tenderloin steak
T-Bone Argentina

Ribeye Argentina

Gets its name from its place in the rib steak, the best boneless part. Under the guidance of the gauchos on the Argentine pampas, these cattle receive the best treatment and a full life. This is reflected in the tender texture and beautiful appearance of the meat.

Sirloin steak Argentina

The slightly marbled appearance (with grease) and the fat edge are typical of this meat. Real specialists therefore prefer a piece from the thin loin above all else.

Tenderloin Argentina

The tenderloin is known as a luxurious piece of meat because it is very tender and contains no fat. Tenderloin is a premium cut of beef and is one of the most eaten types in the Netherlands.

Entrecôte Argentina

The entrecôte is a thin loin steak with a small edge of fat on the side.
It is best to leave this edge of fat on during baking because it provides extra flavor.

T-Bone Argentina

The T-bone Steak is a steak that is cut from the thin loin (entrecote) and the tenderloin of a beef. You can recognize the steak by the t-shaped bone. This is where his name comes in today. The T-bone steak is a large piece of meat. The T-bone contains two of the most expensive cuts of beef. That is, the sirloin steak and the tenderloin.


Can I enter with the wheelchair?

Yes, it is fine to enter with a wheelchair. However, to get to the toilets, you first have to pass a staircase, this can be difficult if you have difficulty walking.

Do you also have vegetarian dishes?

Yes, our vegetarian dishes are becoming more and more extensive. View our menu to see which vegetarian dishes we currently have.

Are dogs allowed in too?

Only officially recognized supervised dogs are allowed in our restaurant. Due to hygiene measures, other dogs or animals are not allowed.

Do you also take allergies into account?

Yes, as soon as you place the order, you can indicate which allergies you have. This way our cook can take this into account.

Is there parking nearby?

Several parking spaces are available. The nearest large (covered) parking lot is at the Rai. From here it is a few minutes walk to get to the Buffalo Steakhouse.

Will I also receive a confirmation after booking online?

As soon as you have made a reservation, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the date, time and how many people. You can also book by phone, you will not receive a confirmation.